Stuart Diekmeyer Photography


Greetings everyone.

I have considered myself a photographer since my early days at boarding school in Dover, England, However, I really started in traditional photography at MICA in Baltimore in 1983 and spent the next 25 years immersed in photography, including comercial and fine art. Realizing I had other interests I was good at, I started to broaden my horizon and ventured into teaching and eventually found my niche in arts management, where I am  today. I just recently transitioned from being the director of a visual and performing arts facility for the Department of Parks and Recreation,  Prince George's County, Maryland, to the Visual Arts Specialist for the same department. This is more than a full time job, and, thus, limits my available time to pursue my photography, but I do try to photograph digitally at least once a week or so. I hope to one day again immerse myself 100% in my photography. 

I appreciate you visiting my site, and do hope you will let me know your thoughts, pro or con. I trust that you might find some of my images to your liking.  




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