Stuart Diekmeyer Photography

Artist's Statement

The images represented  in the "Artomatic 2017" and "Duotone Images" galleries, is work that has been created in the last 3 years and it is aesthetically and visually, a significant departure from my more traditional photographic work. These images use a macro or closeup approach to distort the origin and content of the subject matter. This is further emphasized by adding a cool/warm toning that has it's origins in the traditional, black and white photographic manipulation called split toning. The images exhibit cool shadows and warm highlights and are also technically looser by exhibiting a grainier feel. 



The basket ball hoops follow an architectural documentation style that is presented to the viewer by an observer that has never played the game or even shot a hoop. My intention was to show the hoops as they appear, not as equipment for a game, but as architectural monuments to an American passion. Some appear currently in use, but most seem to have fallen into disuse and have been abandoned. I found hoops in various stages of existence and decay, which added to their timelessness as monuments. 


The gallery, "Automobile Portraits", is my ongoing documentation of people and their vintage cars. I myself frequently drive a 1976 Triumph TR6 and over the years I noticed the people I met that also owned vintage cars, appeared to emulate the cars they drove.


The remaining galleries represent my more recent traditional work in digital Black and White.



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